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 Soul Sessions was established in 2009 by founder and  well  renowned massage therapist, Kari Hanson. Kari is a graduate of Ashmead college, school of massage, class of 2005,  and has over 18 years experience treating patients from all variations of life. She has helped to enhance the lives of many, those who are professional athletes, expectant mothers, people injured in automobile accidents and those with chronic pain and reoccurring injuries. It is her goal to help people live more comfortably throughout their daily lives. Her intuitive approach sets her apart from other therapist and it shows with each person she touches.


" I have a passion for helping people feel better, not just physically but, mentally as well. I love teaching my clients about their bodies, helping them become more body aware. I take pride working together with each person to meet their physical goals, to heal the body and ultimatly become pain free!"

-Kari Hanson, LMT


Kari Hanson

Licensed Massage Therapist


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