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 Relaxation  |  Prenatal  |  Reflexology

Every session is fully customized to fit your needs. A variety of techniques will be used to get the desired results.

Full Price Service Menu

60 MIN Session  

A customized session in our studio, specific to your needs. This can be site specific or full body relaxation.

90 min Session

Great for someone wanting a full body session that also needs special attention to a certain area.

2 hr Session

Typically for someone with a larger or athletic build that needs extra time to address more specific issues with the body.



Enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your own home or place of choice. Your therapist will bring the massage table and all the necessary supplies, set up in your space and treat you to a healing, relaxing treatment. Traveling the greater Seattle/Bellevue area. 

60 min         $175
90min          $225
2hr             $275

Photo facial

30 MINS $50

 Red and blue near-infrared light technology using the Celluma, an FDA approved device. It penetrates sub derm to help increases cellular turnover 4x the normal rate, eliminate acne, lift lines and wrinkles, even out pigmentation, boosting collagen  smaller pore size. Also helps eleminate Pain from the body and can also be used to help with hair regrowth, and wound healing. So many amazing benefits! Best results in 6+ treatments. 

FAR Infrared Spa Wrap

60 MINS $65

Burn Calories, decrease pain, increase your immune system and metabolism. This far-infrared Body wrap uses far-infrared rays to detox your body on a cellular level.  Your goal it to sweat during this session to get the best results. The benefits to this body wrap seem endless. More info is available on request. 10 min Scalp & Face massage provided at the end of your session. 


30 MIN $65

This is a fully clothed treatment. Stretching, ART and along with a high vibration massage gun will be used to get the desired results; gearing toward getting a Myofascial Release to reduce pain and increase blood flow and range of motion. Upper OR lower body focus.

Add On's



Chinese cups are placed on the body creating a suction. This increases healing to the area, softening the muscles, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions.


An Aromatic experience to increase your senses and enhance your session. Aromatherapy is used topically in the massage oil to absorb through the skin. Your therapist will create a blend specific for your needs.



The Benefits of CBD increase healing in the body, decreasing inflammation and pain in the body. A great way to enhance your session especially for anyone dealing with a pain issue.


Daily fee Travel

Your therapist will travel with you out of town for a special event, on your business trip, or family vaca. This is a daily fee that includes up to 4 hours of massage and bodywork a day. You are responsible for providing/purchasing travel accommodations for your therapist separately (Air fare, Hotel, Uber, Etc.)

24/7 ON CALL

Are you in need a last minute session or a time that is out of normal business hours?  Pre-screening is required and references are preferred. After hours times,

M-F 9pm-9am

Sat 5pm-9am

Sun 7pm- 9am

MVA: Manual therapy

Medical massage incorporates many techniques to address muscle and soft tissue issues diagnosed by a doctor, for treatment due to a Motor Vehicle Accident. This service will be billed to your auto policy claim. 

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